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XII Annual Axé Capoeira International Encounter in Canada.

From August 3 to Austust 6 2006. The some of the bests Mestres from the whole world. Mestre Eddy Murphy will be there and will receive his Corda de Mestre do grupo Axé Capoeira.




The third Encounter in Dongguan-China was just perfect. More than 100 people came to see the great performances. The kids gave a real Capoeira Show! Mestre Eddy Murphy, Berimbau and Índio were very happy with this big encounter. We are all waiting to the next one. Meanwhile all groups are back to the training and trying real hard to improve themselves in the Capoeira Art. The encounter began with the the kids performance. After, the adults had their changes in the Roda to practice and exchange experiences. After the Roda a very good Maculele and finishing with a beautiful Samba de Roda.

We are working in the encounter DVD. We should have it available soon.

We are just begining the Axé Capoeira Na China web site. We are waiting for your email with suggestions. We want to make it for you!!! So send your email now to jackdaniel@yoolerehihi.com

Soon we will have the class schedules and much more information about group here in China.


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